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Tanter consists of Karoline (a strong fast rope artist), Moa (a slackrope artist with taste of drama) and Elise (a freak-magnet specialised in swinging trapeze and contortion). Three wild women who want to change the world for the better. After finishing their studies at DOCH in Stockholm, AFUK in Copenhagen and CNAC in France they formed Tanter, and premiered their first show Vixen in April 2015. They make work which aims to create discussion and increased understanding between people, using circus to play with stereotypes and expectations.

Vixen is available for touring internationally 2016/17.


Karoline Aamås
A strong and fast rope-artist, educated from
AFUK(Copenhagen, Denmark) and DOCH(Stockholm,
Sweden). A restless creature, filled with a
magnetic drive.


Elise Bjerkelund Reine
Specialized in swinging trapeze and
contortion, she is an impressing freak-magnet,
filled with unbelievable stories. She is
educated at AFUK(Copenhagen, Denmark) and CNAC
24 promotion(Chalons-en-Champagne, France).


Moa Asklöf Prescott
A slack-rope artist with a hint of split
silent crazy and a taste of dramatic
excellence. Educated at AFUK(Copenhagen,
Denmark) and has after that explored the
Eastern European physical theatre.

Behind the scenes:

Anika Barkan (director)
Anika Barkan is an independent performance artist and cultural
entrepreneur with versatile experience. Overall, she has
studied and worked in Japan, New York and South Africa for
more than 10 years with a number of legendary artists, among
them Min Tanaka, Anna Halprin, Ann Bogard and The Wooster
Group. The cultural insights she has gained through her
international work are cornerstone in her artistic creations.
She possess a resilient and determined drive, which means that
she is constantly evolving new ideas and projects.

Angela Laurier (outside eye)
Angela Laurier was part of cirque du solei’s first creation in
the 1980ies, and is an as sharp as she is unconventional. She
is the director of the circus company Cie Angela Laurier, as
the name suggests, with and by her.


Lina B. Frank (Producer)

Producer, programmer/curator and arts consultant from
Sweden based in Bristol, UK and Malmö, Sweden.
She works with Circus and Live Art, but also Dance and Theatre
– with bold and brave people, explorers and visionaries at heart.

Tanter is founded by Nordisk Kulturfond and Kulturkontakt Nord